Volae Seats

Since it is the primary point of contact on any recumbent, the seat is of primary importance when selecting a bike. At Volae, we're big fans of hardshell seats as they provide you with lots of advantages:

  1. Solid support for energy transfer - no flexy fabric.
  2. Seat cradles your entire upper body, more like sitting "in a fighter jet" rather than "on a chair".
  3. As much as 3 to 5 pounds lighter than mesh seats.
  4. Seat bottom allows your hips to "hinge" and reach the ground better than a mesh seat.
  5. Allows a lower overall seat height for better handling and reach to the ground.
  6. More comfortable and supportive in a reclined, aerodynamic position.

The new Volae Comfort Carbon seat is comfortable, tough, light and aerodynamic. The Volae Comfort Carbon seat shells, with edging, have a wider seat base with more support and cup to it, providing a more supportive riding postion. Volae Comfort Carbon fiber hardshell seats are available in four sizes to fit your torso and weigh 2 lbs. 5 oz. (based on the medium seat without hardware or pad). See Specifications tab for sizing information. More Information.

Volae's seat pad is unique too. A "traditional" open-cell foam pad is excellent for breath-ability and comfort, but quickly breaks down and allows "bottoming" on the hard shell seat. To combat this, we've worked closely with foam manufacturers to develop a custom laminated bi-layer seat pad. The first layer is open-cell foam for breath-ability and comfort, and the base layer is a special closed-cell foam to ensure that you'll never bottom out on the seat.

Like anything, hard-shell seats are not for everyone. That's why we offer the Volae mesh seat for riders that prefer a more upright seat angle. Of course, it can be swapped with a hardshell seat in a matter of seconds on any Volae model. More Information.