Volae Comfort


Comfort without compromise. 

How would you like to ride a bike that eliminates all the discomfort without compromising performance? Now imagine that same comfortable ride and even greater efficiency than your upright bike.

Many riders find that longer rides on a regular bicycle are uncomfortable. Common complaints are wrist, shoulder and neck pain, crotch and butt pain, even numbness and impotence in men. To be fast and efficient on an upright bike, you must be able to tolerate a hunched-over, strained position in the "drops" or on aero-bars. 

On a Volae recumbent bicycle, you are sitting on a completely comfortable seat, with no pressure on your wrists, butt, neck or shoulders. Your back is fully supported and at the end of your ride, nothing hurts. As an added bonus, you get a full view of the scenery instead of looking down at the road and front wheel.

No compromise on comfort, no compromise on the view and no compromise on performance. That’s the whole story behind “Comfort without Compromise”.