Volae Adjustability


Fore-Aft Adjustment: Proper fit is more than having the proper leg extension. You also need the proper Fore-Aft weight distribution on the wheels and a comfortable cockpit that fits you perfectly. Volae combines a sliding seat with a telescopic boom to properly fit all riders with one frame size. 


Seat Angle Adjustment: Every Volae features approximately 25 degrees of seat angle adjustment with just a twist of a 5mm allen wrench. Our lightweight aluminum telescoping seat stays are the envy of the industry. No flimsy "grenade pins" to rattle around and lose.

Even better, just flip two quick-release levers and the seat removes for transport. Best of all, the bike "remembers" your seat position, making it a snap to put your seat on and go. Set it and forget it!

Handlebar Adjustment: Volae's lightweight alloy riser has a standard 1 1/8" O.D. This allows us (and you) to use any standard 1 1/8" bike stem to tweak your handlebar reach and angle. In addition, Volae's system allows perfect handlebar height by utilizing 4 cm of infinite up/down adjustment on the riser. This allows you to find your perfect handlebar position without complicated hinged risers.