Frame Design & Sizing
People come in all shapes, sizes and proportions. A rider's overall height, arm length, torso length, leg length, preferred seat recline angle and even shoe size all combine to provide a huge number of sizes to fit. Combining a telescopic boom with a sliding seat allows us to fit each rider with the proper leg extension, fore-aft weight distribution and cockpit configuration.

Just sliding the seat forward or backward on a rail and saying the bike "fits" is usually not quite true. In a performance recumbent, proper weight distribution is far more important to handling than fancy tubes or expensive components. Move your body too far forward or backward and handling and braking suffer. This is where the telescopic boom comes in. Adjust the boom at the beginning to position yourself for optimal fore-aft weight distribution and use the adjustable seat to easily take care of minor adjustments from then on.

Comfort Carbon Seat Sizes
The Volae Comfort Carbon seat is produced in four different sizes (S,M,L,XL). Matching the seat size to your torso length ensures that the seat that fits your upper-body's length and curvature. If you've tried others and don't think hardshell seats are comfortable, a Volae seat that fits might just change your mind. 

Mesh Seat
The Volae Mesh Seat is designed to support the rider differently (more upright) than the Carbon Seat. Thus the Mesh Seat is only available in one size that fits all riders.