Volae Quality & Value


Since the late 1980's, we've had the opportunity to work with countless recumbent riders, enthusiasts and manufacturers to learn what works, what riders want, where marketing hype ends and the road begins. Using this experience, we've taken these countless experiences and applied them to Volae recumbents to assemble what we think you will find to be the best recumbent for you. Most of our customers feel their Volae is not only the best recumbent but the best bike of any kind for them.

Quality and Performance First. While Volae recumbents are designed to be performance machines, "Quality and Performance" can't be measured by raw speed alone. How do you measure the performance of a seat bracket, for example? It must allow for a large adjustment range, and make those adjustments easy. It must allow you to remove and install the seat quickly and easily for transport. It must hold strong under pressure. It must resist twisting, flexing or breakage. Just like our seat brackets, each portion of every Volae recumbent has been thought-through completely with very specific criteria defined.

All of the Volae steel frames are hand made, with 4130 CroMoly tubing, at Waterford Precision Cycles in Waterford, Wisconsin. Waterford brings quality to Volae that is unavailable elsewhere in the recumbent community. By taking our designs to one of the best steel bicycle fabricators in the world, you benefit from unmatched weld quality, superior alignment and the best ride possible.

All of the Volae Carbon frames are hand made by Calfee Designs in La Selva Beach, CA. 

Along with superior quality, USA production also gives Volae the flexibility and opportunity to make changes as they're needed. Without huge lead times and production commitments in Taiwan or China, we can stay on top of our designs and production, making updates and improvements all the time - not just with the next model year. This ensures that the Volae you buy is the best it can be.