Riding a bike, that out performs all conventional bikes while positioning the rider in an extremely comfortable position, can have profound effects on ones riding. Volae customers often find themselves riding longer distances and much more frequently.

Volae begin production in 2003.  From the beginning, the goal was to produce a, Made in USA, recumbent that was extremely comfortable, very efficient, performed exceptionally well in  hilly terrain, was easy to transport and easy to adjust.

All steel frame Volae recumbent frames are welded and aligned at Waterford Precision Cycles in Waterford, WI. Waterford is highly respected for weld quality and frame alignment.

Carbon Volae frames are made by Craig Calfee in La Selva Beach, CA. Craig Calfee made frames for Tour De France winner Greg LeMond. To see more about the rich history of Calfee Designs, click here: http://calfeedesign.com/history/

A recumbent frame, however, is only half the battle. The seat is what positions the rider for muscle group recruitment and is every bit as important as the frame. The Volae Seat, manufactured by our friends at We-No-Nah Canoe, makes it possible to position the rider for optimal muscle group recruitment. Additionally, your muscles are utilized in the middle of their operating range where they are more efficient. And, as if that’s not good enough, you just happen to be positioned (100% of the time) aerodynamically better than a triathlete in a tight tuck on aerobars.

Many of our customers have found that the experience of riding a Volae has re-ignited their passion for biking. We think Volae can do the same for you.